Causes and Symptoms of Tonsillitis

Tonsillitis essentially refers to inflammation of the tonsils due to bacterial or viral infection. The common symptoms of tonsillitis include swollen, red tonsils, sore throat, yellow or white patches on the tonsils, fever, difficulty in swallowing, enlarged lymph nodes, bad breath, headache, a scratchy or muffled and stiff neck.

Guide to Using Colloidal Silver for Tonsillitis

The best thing about treating Tonsillitis with Colloidal Silver is that is not only fast and effective, but safe, natural and affordable as well. You may be surprised to know that before 1939, over 96 different silver medicinals (many used intravenously) were in used as per the records maintained by the Council on Pharmacy and Chemistry of the American Medical Association.

As in the case of most viral and bacterial infections, CS has proved to be extremely effective in treating Tonsillitis as well. Simply brew up a batch of 10 ppm colloidal silver and drink six ounces of it in divided doses (around 2 ounces every few hours).

You can even gargle with 10ppm CS solution every 3 hours. Make sure that you keep the colloidal silver at the back of his throat where the pus pockets form during tonsillitis.

Gargling with 1 to 2 tablespoons of colloidal silver 3 or 4 times a day (3-4 minutes) has been known to help tremendously for providing relief from tonsillitis. Most people who followed the above protocol for treating tonsillitis report that the redness and inflammation subsides in a day while there is no sign of tonsillitis at all after 3 days.