The “blue man” images of Paul Karason who suffered from Argyria – a health condition in which the skin turns blue or bluish-grey as a result of exposure to some chemical compounds – are littered across the Internet and mainstream media. It is impossible for anyone to type colloidal silver in any of the search engines and not to see an image of Paul Karason online along with an accompanying story of how he turned into a horrifying shade of blue on taking colloidal silver.

However, these stories are selling half truths at best and were most likely circulated in the media by PR agencies working at the behest of pharmaceutical giants. Ever since the story of Paul Karason, who quickly earned the nickname “The Blue Man”, was picked up by news channels and talk shows across the world, it has been reiterated that his skin condition was a result of the intake of colloidal silver – a half truth at best and a blatant case of misinformation at worst.

Vested Interests behind Colloidal Silver Bad Press

The way the story was carried by media implied that Colloidal Silver has no proven medical benefit and that its disinfectant property has long been eclipsed by the advent of antibiotics. Further, this story was used as a tactic to scare people off the use of colloidal silver implying that they will face the same fate as the “The Blue Man” if they ingest CS. How the media never bothered with presenting all the facts of the case in simply unbelievable.

The True Picture

In reality, Paul’s argyria was caused by excessive intake of a silver compound that he was making at his home using a colloidal silver generator. In all probability, the compound he mistook to be pure and safe colloidal silver was actually a highly concentrated ionic silver solution. This is still the case with most home brewing kits of colloidal silver sold online. Most claim that you will be able to make colloidal silver solution using these kits, when actually you end up with a poor quality ionic silver solution that has large, unstable silver particles and other contaminants that give it a golden tinge.

To further add to the woes of Paul Karason, he would add salt to his brew and use the process of electrolysis to make a high concentration of silver chloride. This solution is known to cause argyria. In the later years, he even added baking soda to the mix and drank a tumbler of it every day for years before one of his friends pointed out the strange bluish-gray tinge of his skin. When he started applying this homemade silver solution that contained highly unstable silver particles to his skin, he became an internal and external photographic plate.

And to finally seal his fate in this condition, he used a tanning bed which “fixed” the impure silver in his body. So, as you can see this is a case of one blunder after another, starting with the most basic mistake of not being able to differentiate true colloidal silver (that is clear and colorless) from ionic silver or silver proteins (that has a golden tinge or is murky). Furthermore, he made an equally grave mistake in trying to brew his colloidal silver solution at home. You must not believe in such propagated stories that are circulated by vested interests. You should do your own research on the topic before coming to a conclusion about it.

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