Causes and Symptoms of Sweet Tooth

Whether you are a child or a grown up, it is hard to resist sweet treats. However, this sugar craving is much stronger in some people compared to others. Frequent indulging in sweet food items and improper dental hygiene can lead to bacteria build up in the recesses of your teeth, between your teeth, and in the space between your gums and teeth (the sulcus). This is turn can cause tooth decay, gum diseases and erosion of the bone and structure holding the teeth.

Guide to Using Colloidal Silver for Sweet Tooth

Studies have shown that Colloidal silver can stimulate the parotid gland, the gland in the mouth that is responsible for mineralizing or dimineralizing a tooth. Moreover, since CS is a natural anti-bacterial agent, it prevents the buildup of bacteria in the mouth that causes cavities, gum problems and other oral health issues.
Swishing half an ounce of colloidal silver in the mouth for 4 to 5 minutes after every meal will not only handle bad breath and periodontal disease, but it can also greatly slow down and sometimes even halt tooth decay and toothache. Colloidal silver is an excellent mouthwash and many people have successfully treated tooth abscess using CS and even avoided a root canal.

Moreover, though the link between the two is yet to be established, many people who take a maintenance dosage of CS on a daily basis have reported that is has reduced their sugar cravings drastically and they have been able to cut out unhealthy food items from their diet altogether.