Colloidal Silver is an all-natural health supplement that has proved to be effective against almost every disease one may have heard of, ranging from cold and allergies to arthritis and cancer. It is used widely across the world as a natural health supplement and alternate treatment option much like homeopathy. With thousands of personal testimonials supporting its effectiveness in treating various ailments and boosting the body’s immunity, more and more people are including it in their daily health care regime.

It is common knowledge that colloidal silver works wonders when it comes to healing bacterial, fungal, viral or other parasitic infections. Over years, people have been taking it orally, applying it topically, and even inhaling silver water mist through a nebulizer to get relief from infections and inflammation. However, once you are through this article, I am sure you will be looking at Colloidal Silver in a completely new light.

Thanks to the thousands of testimonials that we have collected from people who have written about how they have benefitted from some of the traditional as well as unique uses of SilverIon, I think it is time to cover some of the more unconventional uses and benefits of Colloidal Silver. Here is the list of top 10 most unusual uses of Colloidal Silver that you too can benefit from:

  • Rinse fruit and vegetables with Colloidal Silver before storing or using them. It enhances their shelf life.
  • Spray it on diapers before usage to prevent nappy rash.
  • Using it to treat termite infection. You can spray CS on wood for not just treating termite infection but for preventing mold contamination as well.
  • Getting rid of pet odor and to prevent stray cats and dogs from spraying on your property to mark their territory.
  • Getting rid of pet odors from carpet and other furniture that they tend to use. In fact, spraying with colloidal silver can effectively eliminate pet urine odor. You can even spray colloidal silver on pet bedding and let it dry to get rid of stubborn pet odor.
  • Great for use in laundry’s final rinse water to prevent microbial contamination, especially when cleaning seasonal clothes that you intend to pack away.
  • Use colloidal silver to get rid of pesky fruit flies. Simply spray the item they are getting attracted to with Silver Ion and you will be amazed to see the fruit flies gone for good. This will be especially useful for those who collect ‘mulch’ for organic gardening.
  • Get rid of cockroaches by spraying your floors or mopping them with silver water. You can refer to a study titled “Anti-bacterial Performance of Colloidal Silver – Treated Laminate Wood Flooring” that was published in the journal InternationalBiodeterioration & Biodegradation to find evidentiary proof of the same.
  • Spray colloidal silver on a bouquet of flowers to keep it fresh longer.
  • Use it to treat/disinfect pools, fountains, Jacuzzis, dishwasher, bathtubs and bath mats.

In conclusion, this tasteless, colorless, odorless, highly potent and completely benign healing agent and non-toxic disinfectant has literally hundreds of uses – some of which we are yet to discover.

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