SilverIon, 10 ppm Colloidal Silver, 200ml / 6.76 fl oz


Product Overview

  • Dietary Supplement / Immunity Booster
  • A safe and natural antibiotic

About the Product

  • Silver Ion is the latest game changer in the colloidal silver market in India.
  • It is the best available Colloidal Silver solution in the market
  • It has high colloidal/Ionic percentage and optimum particle concentration.
  • It has high colloidal/Ionic percentage and optimum particle concentration.
  • Its silver particles size is in the range of 3 nm on average, making them highly potent.
  • It is produced using the latest Swedish Technology that uses high voltage alternating current.
  • Silver Ion is clear and colorless thereby indicating zero presence of stabilizers, proteins or other contaminants.

Product Description

About the Brand: Silver Ion

It is the top selling Colloidal Silver product in Sweden (Ionosil) and is sold in almost 1,000 health food stores, animal and equestrian shops, specialty stores and naturopathy pharmacies, including major natural supermarket chains across Sweden. Furthermore, it is widely trusted and recommended by various alternative treatment therapists in Sweden.

Our product is manufactured using the latest Swedish technology and has benefited a multitude of people suffering from various ailments ranging from cold and allergies to arthritis and cancer. Our superior product quality, competitive pricing, prompt delivery and excellent customer service are the hallmarks of our brand that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Suggested Use

A highly effective immunity booster and health supplement, Silver Ion can be included in the daily healthcare regimen of both adults and children. It is completely safe for pets (cats and dogs) and horses as well. To get the maximum benefit from its antimicrobial properties (antiviral,antibacterial, antifungal), you can take 1-2 teaspoon of it thrice a day, preferably on an empty stomach or between meals. It is perfectly safe for both topical application and oral ingestion and can be taken through a nebulizer as well to get relief from respiratory problems.

Additional Information

Dimensions 7.5 x 4.5 x 5 m


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