A Brief History of Medical Uses of Silver

Silver has been used extensively throughout recorded history for a variety of medical purposes. A review of the ancient medical literatures across the world confirms that silver has been used for at least six millennia to prevent microbial infections.

Silver was used on a large scale in ancient India, Rome, Greece, Phoenicia, and Macedonia for controlling infections, treating diseases, healing wounds and preventing spoilage. Hippocrates, the “Father of Medicine,” taught that silver healed wounds and controlled disease. Around 400 B.C. he listed as a singular treatment for ulcers “the flowers of silver alone, in the finest powder.”

It has been effective against almost all organisms tested and has been used to treat numerous infections and noninfectious conditions, sometimes with striking success. The popularity of medicinal silver especially arose throughout the Middle East from 702 AD through 980 AD, where it was widely used and greatly esteemed for blood purification, heart conditions, and controlling halitosis. Silver also has played an important role in the development of radiology and in improving wound healing in the 20th century.

The Royal Connection

For many centuries, royal families ate and drank from silver utensils and goblets and were rarely sick. They were called “blue bloods” because their blood had greater levels of silver in it. Plausibly, the proverb “born with a silver spoon in his mouth” was coined during that time for the same reason, as an attribute for describing the good fortune of being healthy more than being wealthy.

Why Silver Got Eclipsed

Silver lost favor and was widely discredited and slandered during the 1940s with synthetically manufactured drugs, which came with patents and huge profit margins, appearing in the market. Since silver can’t be patented and can be used to treat a host of diseases, false stories about its toxicity and causing argyria (an almost permanent blue skin disease) were planted in the mainstream media. Silver quickly lost its status to modern antibiotics and its healing properties were forgotten till the coming of Colloidal Silver in the 1990s when researchers figured out a way to attach small particles of silver to protein, thereby allowing the formation of true colloidal silver with an indefinite shelf life.

Resurgence of Silver in Medicine

The modern day uses of colloidal silver are essentially an organic extension of the ancient uses of silver. According to the results of various independent studies conducted across Europe and the US, Colloidal Silver can kill over 650 micro-organisms, many of which are known to cause health issues in humans.

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