The results of two separate clinical studies have shown that colloidal silver can be an effective cure for dandruff. The fungal pathogen that causes dandruff can be killed by applying just a little bit of colloidal silver on the scalp on a daily basis. As simple as that!!
If you have been struggling to get rid of stubborn dandruff that keeps coming back no matter what you do, you may find SilverIon colloidal silver to be your panacea. The topical usage of colloidal silver for healing burns, wounds and infections is well documented. However, now there is clinical proof to back its anti-dandruff benefits as well.
It is a known fact that colloidal silver has strong anti-fungal properties and that dandruff is primarily a result of fungal infestation of the scalp. It is a surprise therefore that this particular benefit of colloidal silver is not as well known as others. Thankfully, this particular benefit of colloidal silver now stands verifies by two independent clinical studies that have shown that colloidal silver can work better than most drugs available in the market for treating dandruff.

Clinical Study Details

According to the first clinical study that is titled “Size- and Shape-dependent Clinical and Mycological Efficacy of Silver Nanoparticles on Dandruff,” that was published in the June 2015 issue of the International Journal of Nanomedicine, researchers found that different shapes and sizes of silver nanoparticles effectively killed the dandruff causing Malassezia furfur fungus. In fact, the researchers found out that the minute 20 nm silver nanoparticles worked more effectively in treating dandruff than some of the most commonly prescribed anti-fungal dandruff drugs such as itracanozole and ketoconazole.

Furthermore, the study results showed that colloidal silver did not irritate the sensitive scalp tissue but rather helped in soothing the inflammation caused by constant scratching associated with dandruff. The fungal infection cleared in 10 days and there was no damage caused to the skin. Contrarily, the silver nanoparticles contributed significantly in tissue repair.

In conclusion, the researchers noted –

“Small-sized spherical Ag NPs can be used as an important cost-effective fungistatic agent in formulations for treating scalp problems, since they can be produced in larger quantities and very small amount is required for the desired effect.”

The second study titled “Anti-Malassezia furfur Activity of Natural Surfactant Mediated In-Situ Silver Nanoparticles for a Better Antidandruff Shampoo Formulation,” that was published in the January 2016 issue of RSC Advances – a leading chemical sciences journal also reiterated the immense potential of silver nanoparticles as an active ingredient in a safe and cheap antidandruff shampoo formulation.

To Conclude

If these clinical studies are any indication, colloidal silver is highly effective and completely safe for treating dandruff. So rather than using harsh chemical laced shampoos and topical ointments that irritate the scalp, one must give silver water a try and get rid of dandruff for good. With the best quality colloidal silver – SilverIon available at hand, it does not make any sense for you to endure the uneasiness and embarrassment associated with dandruff anymore. Simply diluted your shampoo with some Silver Ion or spray it directly on your scalp and let it air dry and you should be able to see visible results in 7-10 days.

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