A search on Colloidal Silver on the Internet yields a multitude of results with nearly half of them attacking it as a medical hoax while the other half hailing it as an all natural antibiotic that can treat a host of ailments. Most of the scare stories concocted about colloidal silver hinge on Argyria or heavy metal toxicity – which as I have already elaborated in my earlier blogs cannot be caused by the intake of high quality colloidal silver such as Silver Ion in recommended dosage.
To assuage the fears of the uninitiated and to strip away the misconceptions of the ignorant naysayers, we shall examine the various myths that have come to surround colloidal silver over the years and replace fiction with facts to show that colloidal silver is one of the most effective and safe nutritional supplement available to man. Colloidal Silver has been in use as a natural health supplement for nearly a century now and is readily available in all leading health food stores in the US and Sweden.

Same Story Told Differently

A look at the website or the website or for that matter any website that contains anti-colloidal silver claims published by the FDA will make you realize that it is the same scare story told differently. The main aim of these articles is to scare people off colloidal silver so that they do not have an effective natural health alternative to the toxic antibiotics that come with a host of side effects.
Sadly, some of the articles that degrade colloidal silver to a “fad” or a “health fraud” are written by well-meaning but uninformed people who simply rehash the articles found on the above-mentioned websites. Most of these people have neither done a thorough research on the medical usage of colloidal silver nor have they tried it themselves before panning it.
The fact that most reputed drug store chains in the US such as, CVS Pharmacy, and Walmart Pharmacy list colloidal silver under their health supplement section is a big indication of its safety. You can also find a host of colloidal silver products on

Personal Experience

Speaking from personal experience, I have been using colloidal silver daily for almost 5 years now and the fact that I do not look like a smurf or have suffered any brain damage due to the “purported heavy metal toxicity” indicates that SilverIon is absolutely safe for oral ingestion in recommended dosage.
In fact, I even administer it to my little one as young as a year old for treatment of occasional cough and cold and it really does work. The trick is to use colloidal silver responsibly and enjoy the many health benefits that it offers.

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