The natural antibiotic superhero that Colloidal Silver is (known to kill over 650 micro-organisms) that cause diseases in humans and animals, it can be used as a safe alternative to strong pharmaceutical antibiotics prescribed by veterinarians for your family pet.

Colloidal Silver is a highly effective all-round cure for all types of bacterial, fungal, viral and yeast infections that pets usually contract. Moreover, it can also be used as an immunity booster and a natural preventative whenever exposure to a particular illness or pet disease seems unavoidable.

Using Colloidal Silver for Pets (Cats & Dogs):

  • Topically – You may apply/spray/dab Colloidal Silver directly on the affected area of the skin in case of any skin infection, wound, cut, scrapes or even burns.
  • Use a dropper to drip a few drops of Colloidal Silver in the ears of your pet to clear any ear infection that may be causing a foul smell emanating from the ears.
  • Eye infections in pets can also be treated in the same manner as ear infections.
  • Adding half a cup of CS in your pet’s bath water can also help in getting rid of any external infections
  • You may even administer the under-mentioned recommended daily dosage of Colloidal Silver to your pet as an immunity booster.

General Maintenance dose of Colloidal Silver for pets (Cats & Dogs)

  • Small Size Pet: 10 ml once a day
  • Medium Size Pet: 10 ml – 15 ml once a day
  • Large Size Pet: 5 ml – 20 ml once a day

For pets ailing from a particular infection or diseases, the maintenance dosage can be doubled till the infection subsides.