Colloidal Silver is absolutely safe for consumption by children including toddlers when provided in recommended dosage. Though overdosing should not be a concern even if slightly more than recommended dosage is administered, it is important to note that a larger colloidal silver dosage does not kill disease germs more effectively than the safe range of 10 parts per million (ppm).

Ideally, a tablespoon of Colloidal Silver given three times daily to overcome flu is the maximum recommended dosage for children. A maintenance dosage of one or two teaspoons given twice a day is optimum for children. As for topical application, 8-10 drops of CS dripped over an infected area of the skin is more than sufficient to fight the infection. (Refer to the Testimonials Section for personal experiences of using CS for treating children)

For further reference, you may study the Silver Safety Pyramid created by the Silver Safety Committee that comprises of some of the top names in medicine in the world as well as leading chemistry professors and health freedom advocators. This pyramid is designed to enable anyone to easily determine safe usage levels of any dietary supplement containing silver, typically referred to as ionic silver or colloidal silver.