What is Chicken Pox?

Chickenpox is a highly contagious disease caused by the initial infection with varicella zoster virus (VZV). The disease results in a characteristic skin rash that forms small, itchy blisters, which eventually scab over. It usually starts on the chest, back, and face and then spreads to the rest of the body.

Other symptoms may include fever, fatigue, and headaches. Complications may occasionally include pneumonia, inflammation of the brain or bacterial infections of the skin among others. Chickenpox is an airborne disease which spreads easily through the coughs and sneezes of an infected person. It may also spread through contact with the blisters.

Colloidal Silver Treatment for Chicken Pox.

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Colloidal Silver is gentle on the skin and completely free of side effects. It does not harm healthy bacteria. Spray Colloidal Silver all over the body with a spray bottle and most chicken pox rashes will subside rather than turning to painful blisters. Moreover, CS helps in prevention of marks that are usually left behind by chicken pox. You can read more about this in our testimonials section.