The sheer hypocrisy of this leaves one speechless. There is an ongoing propaganda in the mainstream media against the use of Colloidal Silver – with misguiding stories about argyria and heavy metal toxicity – and now we hear that Big Pharma is trying to develop silver-based antibiotic drugs that they can patent.

So, if we get this correctly, the large pharmaceutical industry, which to put mildly is just looking after its interests by branding safe and natural colloidal silver as quackery, is now trying to develop a ridiculous novel antibiotic drug that essentially comprises of dead bacteria laced with silver particles. And the only thing that makes little if any sense of this ludicrous development is that it offers a chance to pharmaceutical companies to create a patented silver-based drug that they can monopolize.

The Motivation for It

This development comes on the heels of the published results of a large scale clinical research conducted by a team of British scientists who were working closely with pharma giants such as Janssen and Johnson & Johnson. The results of this research demonstrated the effectiveness of this silver-laced antibiotic on food poisoning viruses such as the norovirus as well as on the viruses that are known to cause flu and cold.

However, anyone with even a little bit of common sense will be able to see through the whole gimmick and rather consume completely safe and natural colloidal silver than ingest dead bacteria impregnated with it. Why attach silver nanoparticles to dead bacteria and ingest it when taking just pure colloidal silver can provide the same germ fighting benefits?

Silver Antibiotics for Animals

Well the ridiculousness does not stop here. You may find it surprising to learn that nearly 80% of total annual antibiotic drug production is meant for the usage of farm animals rather than humans. Moreover, what’s worse is that this massive amount of antibiotics given to farm animals is not to prevent infections in them but to trigger substantial weight gain in a very short period.
Following are the excerpts from an article published by Russian researchers who continued studying the effects of administering this new “drug” to poultry –

  • “In testing, Bacullius F is being combined with colloidal silver (silver particles suspended in liquid) and put on chicken feed with the hope of reducing the amount of antibiotics currently fed to poultry.”
  • “Tests on laboratory mice and preliminary tests on chickens look promising, says AndreiSubbotin, leading researcher for Tyumen Scientific Center…He says that the drug will be tested in a large-scale study at several poultry farms by the Ural Federal Districts of Russia in the coming years.”
  • “So far, tests show that the injection of Bacillius F and silver has spurred weight gain and raised the ability of trial animals to fend off pathogens such as salmonella or MRSA.”
  • Commenting on the ongoing tests, a project representative stated: ‘We expect a decrease of antibiotics use in poultry by 30-40% compared to the current amount. This will be a substantial contribution to the fight of modern medicine against growing microbial resistance.’”

The Smart & Sensible Thing to Do

So, there you have it. Rather than supporting the intake of safe and natural colloidal silver by humans and animals, researchers across the world are scrambling to come up with preposterous “novelty drugs” that use silver nanoparticles. The rampant and often random use of antibiotics is precisely to be blamed for the plague of antibiotic-resistant superbugs that are rearing their heads across the oceans and threatening the survival of humans. Meanwhile, the best option available to us in our fight against drug-resistant superbugs and other infectious microorganisms is including safe, natural colloidal silver in our daily healthcare regimen.

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