Hailed by many as “Nature’s Super Antibiotic” and a “Cure All” that has been proven to kill 650 disease causing microorganisms, it has more than its fair share of skeptics in the mainstream media. However, if you are a believer or interested in including colloidal silver in your healthcare regimen, here are some important things that you must know about it to ensure that you buy the best quality colloidal silver available in the market.

1. Particle Size is Important

Read the labels of various colloidal silver products carefully. Though most CS brands specify the parts per million or PPM of silver in their solution, this is only slightly important. The more important detail that you must concentrate on is the size of the silver particles in the solution.

The smaller the size of the silver particles, the more readily it will be absorbed throughout your body. Ideally, the particle size of silver should be less than .005 microns. The silver particles size in SilverIon is in .003 micron range making them very potent.

An easy way to identify if silver particles present in Colloidal Silver are too large is by the color of the solution. A golden tinged or murky-colored Colloidal Silver solution indicates the presence of large silver particles and other impurities. This brings us to the next point.

2. Colloidal Silver Should be Clear

As already mentioned above, best quality Colloidal Silver solutions are clear and colorless, much like water. A tinted solution marketed as pure colloidal silver or which is a product of a colloidal silver generator used at home indicates the presence of larger silver particles as well as other contaminants such as stabilizers, additives, salts, proteins and other chemical impurities. Pure Colloidal Silver does not require refrigeration or shaking and does not foam on top if you do shake it. Long-term ingestion of such tinted solutions can lead to argyria.

3. Pure Colloidal Silver Does Not Destroy Gut Flora

Good colloidal silver is readily assimilated into the blood through the stomach and gut lining, it does not linger in the lower intestines long enough to kill the friendly bacteria lining the intestine. Additionally, the gut friendly bacteria present in the intestines are positively charged and hence do not bond electrically with the positively charged silver particles in pure CS, thus eliminating any chance of conflict between the two.

4. Purity is Important

The purity of distilled water used for suspension of silver particles is important. The home brew kits of CS use various compounds for maintaining a constant charge that renders them less effective than a store bought brand of CS such as SilverIon that is produced using a special patented equipment that uses high voltage technology.

5. Use Only the Best Colloidal Silver

Quality is of paramount importance when it comes to choosing the best colloidal silver solution. A high voltage alternating current production technology is one of the hallmarks of superior quality. Do not get stuck in such mundane details such as the concentration of silver particles thinking that the higher it is the more effective it will be. That is a misconception.

Follow the above guidelines when you are comparing various brands of colloidal silver available in the market to ascertain which of them is the best.

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